Saturday, 3 December 2011

The leather jacket

A leather jacket will never go out of style. And the best thing about it is that you can wear it all year long! In the summer you can pair your leather jacket with a sundress and in the winter, wear it over a cozy sweater and throw on a scarf.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Zombie Boy all covered up



Many of you might recognize him from the Lady Gaga video clip: Born this way. He’s known around the world for all his tattoos and his zombie face. They call him Zombie Boy. Dermablend teamed up with him for their new cover up foundation product and I think it looks absolutely amazing! Who knew you could cover all those tattoos with foundation?

Alber Elbaz & Betsey Johnson Team Up For Christmas

For the past two years, John Galliano’s had the honor of decorating the Christmas tree at Claridge’s. The storied British hotel goes all out for the holiday season, starting with their whimsical, themed tree. This year, with Galliano out of the question, they’re turning to Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz. The designer’s sketch, at the top, shows a characteristically fun, colorful scheme and WWD reports that it will be “decorated with marionettes wearing Elbaz’s take on Claridge’s staff uniforms.” The tree will be unveiled on November 22nd. Meanwhile, Betsey Johnson’s doing the honors stateside, decorating the tree at the Plaza hotel. She’s paying tribute to Eloise with pink tinsel, garlands made of marabou and, in place of a star, an Eloise doll on top. The Plaza’s tree will be revealed on November 28th.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Kate Moss’ Little Sister Makes Modeling Debut

Yes, Kate Moss was the star of her own wedding, but Lottie, the supermodel’s thirteen-year-old sister, caused quite a stir—like that weekend’s very own Pippa Middleton. The Moss family is, of course, a very different kind of royalty so it was assumed by the fashion filled party that Lottie would turn to modeling when the time was right. That time appears to be now. A series of editorial-like images of Lottie, shot by Andrea Carter Bowman, just hit the Internet, which means it’s only a matter of time before she starts gracing magazine covers. Lottie may be gorgeous (shocker), but she looks quite different from her legendary sister. She has curves (though slight) and a more All-American look then the thoroughly British Kate. Since she’s not yet fourteen, there’s plenty of time for change (and puberty), but there’s no doubt we’ll be looking at that face for a very long time.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Check It Out: The Whole Versace For H&M Collection

The Versace for H&M Collection Lookbook just released, so now you can start calling dibs! I checked it out and I'll admit, I'm not that impressed. Some of the clothes are great like the leather embellished mini dress, but a lot of it looks really cheap. I know that fashionistas on a budget will go crazy for the whole collection, but we'll stay away from the horrendously printed leggings.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Miu Miu Adds Twenty Years

Fashion loves a controversy, but the recent trend of major brands using kids to front their luxury products morphed into a more international topic of conversation. Newspapers devoted a surprising number of words to research and opinion wondering what it all means, my parents asked why fashion was obsessed with children and a few influential women publicly wondered, “Why would I buy a $2500 dress from a twelve-year-old?” But, like trends on a runway, it took just a season for the tide to turn. Miu Miu, which probably caused more excitement than uproar for hiring fourteen-year-old Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld to front their fall campaign, just released their resort ads. This time, thirty-four-year old Guinevere Van Seenus is in front of the camera. Van Seenus, though by no means old in real life, is at the very far end of the modeling age spectrum (at least for those still modeling and not mogul-ing). Though it may be tempting—especially for anyone who’s anti-Fanning/Moretz/Steinfeld—to grant the move added significance, chances are that Miu Miu, like any brand, is anxious to appeal to all its customers while projecting a fresh image each season. They’re doing so by mixing models with actresses, young and, well, a little less young, and Bruce Weber’s Americana with Mert & Marcus’ high fashion shots.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Get The Celeb Look: Alexa Chung

There's a reason Alexa Chung is a Fashionista with a capital F. Besides having her own great style, she is always on top of the latest trends and is incredibly fashion forward. We spotted Alexa in a pair of burgundy, skinny jeans and a sweet polka dot shirt. She looked great. Burgundy and polka dots are two of the hottest trends this Fall, so leave it to Alexa to combine them together.

How To Get The Look:
-We love polka dots! They remind us of 50's glam and they can make any boring outfit so much more fun! We adore polka dots so much that we found two great tops at Topshop!

- Alexa definitely had her trend radar on when she bought these skinny jeans. Burgundy is one of Fall's hottest colors so be ready to see it everywhere. If you want to look as great as Alexa, you can find a pair of burgundy jeans at Topshop!
- A black oversized blazer is a must! If you don't have one you need to get one right away! You can match it with anything and it never goes out of style! Check out H&M.

- A thin black belt is also a wardrobe staple! We like this one from H&M.

- And who doesn't want to own a classic Chanel bag? It seems like every celeb has one and thankfully there's some great lookalikes at Asos that you can use until you have your big break and can buy a real one! There you go! It doesn't take that much to score one of Fall's trendiest outfits!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

6 Beauty Tips To Get Your Skin Winter Ready

Cold weather, a dry climate, and windy days are our skin's worst nightmare. Even after just a few days of cold weather, our skin turns dry and dull... ugh. We really miss our summer glow, but we don't want to turn to tanning bed to get it back! So here are some great tips on how to keep your skin glowy when it's snowy.
1. Foam and gel cleansers can dry out your skin, so come winter, switch to a cream based cleanser. Also, make sure to use a rich moisturizing day cream that works with your skin tone, apply it right after you wash your face to keep the moisture in.

2. If you suffer from dry skin, stay away from powdered make up, it will just dry out your skin even more and make it look worse. Instead, go for a pigmented day cream or foundation, which will give you a really creamy complexion!

3. Indoor air can be just as drying as outdoor air, so make sure it isn't too dry inside. If the air inside is too dry you can get an air humidifier to help balance it out. And make sure to not over do it with the heater! Also, you can use a facial mist with moisturizing effects, just spray it every few hours, even over your makeup!

4. Always look for alcohol-free products, products that contain alcohol tend to dry them out!

5. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, which will help your skin to retain it's moisture!

6. And make sure to give your hands and feet extra attention, products with shea butter, mineral oil, or tea tree oil are super moisturizing for your skin!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Under the Sea

From left to right, Versace, Alexander McQueen & Chanel.

Come spring, designers draw inspiration from florals, forests and sometimes surf, but for 2012 a handful dove deeper—to the bottom of the ocean floor. Though not all were as literal as Chanel, which turned the Grand Palais into a whitewashed aquarium, the sea made its way into at least four collections. Lagerfeld used pearls on almost every look and turned conch shells into evening clutches (how has no one thought to do that before?!) while Sarah Burton infused waves, jellyfish and sea anemones into most of her collection for Alexander McQueen. At Versace, above left, Donatella was more playful. She printed purple starfish and blue seahorses onto hot pants and shift dresses or studded starfish shapes onto leather bodices. And lastly, at Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci took that mermaid inspiration that Lagerfeld was so disinterested in and turned it into something quite sexy: scuba-like pants, dresses with fins and jackets layered over silk to look like waves.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kate Moss Rides A Pony for Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs staged what many believe to be his last show for Louis Vuitton in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris this morning. Like last season, Kate Moss closed the show—”I have an attitude about being consistent,” he said—but the similarities ended there. Instead of handcuffs and latex bondage-like dresses, his models wore poufy light frocks with 60s details like floral appliques and faded pastel panels with white heels and ladylike purses. The show itself was set on a carousel, “I’m a hopeless New Yorker Franco-phile,” he said. But the big question was, of course, whether or not this really would be his last show for Vuitton. Though reporters were forbidden from asking about the rumors, Jacobs did drop a few hints. The Telegraph caught him on camera saying, “I could never do this anywhere else. Not just the Paris thing, Vuitton allows me…” before trailing off. He also mentioned, regarding Kate, “We’re going to consistently close the show with Kate Moss,” which suggest future Vuitton shows. He also said, regarding the success of Vuitton’s ready-to-wear collection, “It’s really something I feel particularly proud of.” So really, we’re no closer to knowing the answer. Paris fashion week has come and gone and there’s still no word who will take over at Dior. But given the critical reaction to Jacobs’ spring collection for Louis Vuitton, his staying put wouldn’t be the worst outcome.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Hot Color Combo! Stand Out Against the Grey in Blue and Red

While it may seem obvious, sometimes the most basic colors look amazing together. We recently spotted some of our favorite celebs rocking blue and red, and we think it looks stunning.The trick is to not go overboard! Instead pair red lips with a navy blue dress or a blue blazer with a red clutch. Also, blue and red are perfect colors for Fall, they're so cozy but still they add the perfect pop of color on grey cloudy days! Let me know what you think about this color combo!

Orange to Grey: Fall's Hottest Colors

Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love this year's trend of bold colors! Colors like orange and mustard yellow and dramatic shades of grey and stone have hit the stores and we're stocking up! There's a color and style for everyone this Fall.We checked out the runways and designers like Micheal Kors and Alexander Wang have strong fall/winter 2011/2012 collections that make us so happy! We've taken inspiration from our favorite fashionistas like Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson, and we're already wearing dark shades of burgundy and citrus!


Pink blouse: Topshop
Yellow dress: Topshop
Grey pants: H&M
Camel vest: H&M
Burgundy dress: Topshop
Orange bag: Asos
Orange skirt: H&M
Midnight blue ankle boots: Topshop
Leopard cap: H&M

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Claudia Schiffer's Top 10 Boot Cuts!

Boot cuts are back! Remember the jeans you threw out of your closet years ago, well it's time to invest in a pair of boot cuts! At first we weren't crazy about this trend, but after seeing Claudia Schiffer rocking boot cut jeans we're in love! Claudia has the best style, we take all of our fashion cues from her!!











Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Spring’s Hot Pants Sugar High

From left to right, Rochas, Prada, Louis vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Jason Wu.

Call it the Lady Gaga effect if you must, but hot pants have been around long before the pop princess’s first stab at public indecency. In fact, every year they pop up on a runway or two, but it’s only now though that prim designers like Jason Wu and Rochas are incorporating the look into their collections, lending some risque drama to an otherwise politely polished season. Target‘s latest collaborator paired his pants with a dove grey anorak and sweet button up. Dolce & Gabbana went the organic route—plastering theirs in a Sicilian tomato plant print, while Marco Zanini took a classic approach at Rochas, using a mod tablecloth plaid. Miuccia Prada’s ode to 50′s glitz didn’t fall short on hot pants, though her’s were in onesie form, nipped at the waist with a rhinestone belt. Jill Stuart and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton used candy-colors to sweeten up their abbreviated shorts, paired with soft eyelets and ruffled organza. Time to start working out those legs ladies!

Miranda Kerr's Sophisticated Street Style!

We spotted the lovely and amazing Miranda Kerr arriving to her hotel in Paris! She's currently their for fashion week and we're way jealous! We love her leather pants and chiffon shirt combo, so simple and so chic!

Chanel Iman & Kanye West Sitting in a Tree?

Kanye West & Chanel Iman at Givenchy's spring after party in Paris this weekend.
Ever since Chanel Iman walked down Kanye West’s runway in Paris this weekend, rumors of their relationship (or a potential relationship) have spread like wildfire. So are they or aren’t they? Who knows. Below, arguments for yay and nay. Yes, they’re totally head-over-CĂ©line-heels in love: They hung out at the CFDAs. Kanye called her the day before his show and was like, “Hey, will you fly to Paris to walk in my show tomorrow even though you’re a big time model who probably has things to do?” and she said yes. Chanel got to close the show. Though DW by Kanye West hasn’t earned quite rave reviews, Chanel’s worn it out and about in Paris. They went to Givenchy’s after party—together. No! They’re just friends (and sort of colleagues): In the past few months Kanye’s been linked to an Australian model named Cheyenne Tozzi… And Mary-Kate Olsen.. And Teyana Taylor… And model Kate Upton… And Miss Universe, Angela Martini. Chanel’s a model and West is now a bona fide fashion designer, it’d be weird if they didn’t hang out. So, what do you think?

Gisele Had Tons of Fun at Givenchy

Gisele backstage at Givenchy.

Every once in awhile Gisele emerges from her bubble of perfection to strut a Paris runway. Last year,
Balenciaga was the lucky brand, this season, Givenchy. One might like to think, given her near goddess-status, that there’s some fault—like she’s not fun, or friendly, or only walking runway for the money (even though, of course, there is no money in runways), but these photos of the supermodel goofing around backstage at Givenchy prove otherwise. In fact, it looks like she’s having the most fun out of everyone. On Monday morning, we dreamed of being friends with Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy—who knew we’d want to throw Gisele into the mix a day later?  Click through for more (the fun never stops!).

Elie Tahari’s About to Buy Catherine Malandrino

A look from Catherine Malandrino's AW11 collection.

When Catherine Malandrino‘s name failed to show up on the New York Fashion Week calendar there were a few rumblings in the blogosphere. But when, last week, Racked started reporting on her closed store, late payments, and disgruntled staff rumors really started to swirl. Now, it sounds like Elie Tahari is in serious talks to buy Malandrino’s entire business. It’s not the first investor with whom Malandrino’s flirted. Last year, the designer brought on an investment banking firm and almost signed a deal with Kellwood, but this deal sounds more promising. Tahari’s been trying to grow his business (perhaps, as WWD speculates, spurred in part by his rival Andrew Rosen’s smart investments in everything from Olivier Theyskens to Proenza Schouler) exponentially this past year with new stores and ecommerce, and acquiring a brand like Malandrino, with loyal fans, standalone stores and an overlapping customer base, is one smart way to do so.