Sunday, 23 October 2011

Get The Celeb Look: Alexa Chung

There's a reason Alexa Chung is a Fashionista with a capital F. Besides having her own great style, she is always on top of the latest trends and is incredibly fashion forward. We spotted Alexa in a pair of burgundy, skinny jeans and a sweet polka dot shirt. She looked great. Burgundy and polka dots are two of the hottest trends this Fall, so leave it to Alexa to combine them together.

How To Get The Look:
-We love polka dots! They remind us of 50's glam and they can make any boring outfit so much more fun! We adore polka dots so much that we found two great tops at Topshop!

- Alexa definitely had her trend radar on when she bought these skinny jeans. Burgundy is one of Fall's hottest colors so be ready to see it everywhere. If you want to look as great as Alexa, you can find a pair of burgundy jeans at Topshop!
- A black oversized blazer is a must! If you don't have one you need to get one right away! You can match it with anything and it never goes out of style! Check out H&M.

- A thin black belt is also a wardrobe staple! We like this one from H&M.

- And who doesn't want to own a classic Chanel bag? It seems like every celeb has one and thankfully there's some great lookalikes at Asos that you can use until you have your big break and can buy a real one! There you go! It doesn't take that much to score one of Fall's trendiest outfits!

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