Monday, 14 November 2011

Kate Moss’ Little Sister Makes Modeling Debut

Yes, Kate Moss was the star of her own wedding, but Lottie, the supermodel’s thirteen-year-old sister, caused quite a stir—like that weekend’s very own Pippa Middleton. The Moss family is, of course, a very different kind of royalty so it was assumed by the fashion filled party that Lottie would turn to modeling when the time was right. That time appears to be now. A series of editorial-like images of Lottie, shot by Andrea Carter Bowman, just hit the Internet, which means it’s only a matter of time before she starts gracing magazine covers. Lottie may be gorgeous (shocker), but she looks quite different from her legendary sister. She has curves (though slight) and a more All-American look then the thoroughly British Kate. Since she’s not yet fourteen, there’s plenty of time for change (and puberty), but there’s no doubt we’ll be looking at that face for a very long time.

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